What to expect: 

Beginner Mindfulness Meditation group class (offered online).

Wednesdays, April 7th - May 5th, 2021 . 8:30am-9:45 am. Via Zoom


This 5 class series takes a step by step approach to understanding the foundations Mindfulness and Meditation. There will be instruction, guided practice and time for Q & A.  Appropriate for those brand new to practice, and for those looking for a refresher course.


Class 1 | Wed, 4/7; Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Breath as an anchor. 

Class 2 | Wed, 4/14;  Mindfulness of the Body. Mind/body connection. Body Scan


Class 3 | Wed,  4/21 Mindfulness of Thoughts . Power of awareness.

Class 4 | Wed, 4/28 :  Mindfulness of Emotions. Practice of RAIN


Class 5 | Wed, 5/5 : Mindfulness of our life Experience. Tools to start a daily practice



















Advanced Beginner Mindfulness Meditation (offered online).

Back in the Fall. Wednesday mornings. 8:30 am-9:45 am 



These five series classes are for anyone who has taken my beginner classes, and is now ready to take a deeper dive. We will explore additional areas of mindfulness , longer guided meditations, and work on how to establish a daily practice of mindfulness meditation for well being.

Class 1 | Wed.  : Four Foundations of Mindfulness review

Class 2 | Wed. : Mindfulness Meditation: Path to living with awareness

Class 3 | Wed.  : Loving Kindness Meditation 

Class 4 | Wed.  : Mindfulness Self-Compassion Meditation

Class 5 | Wed.  : Mindfulness and Meditation practice as a way to a happier, more peaceful approach to your life


$75 for the 5 class series 

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$75 for the 5 class series 

Click Here to Purchase

Because of the current COVID-19 situation, these classes are offered via Zoom. You do not need to download Zoom in order to participate in the class. Once you are signed up for the class, I will send you directions on how to join the class virtually using a link to a zoom chatroom, but there is no additional downloading needed.